Professional people pleasers.

If your job is to make others happy, then it's time to elevate your role from servitude to superhero. Make your service-oriented work a vehicle for your success, happiness and positive impact in today's world.

Service-obsessed businesses.

Get the mental and emotional tools for your team to make their ideal positive impact, have a happy & healthy work life and grow with you for the long haul.

Build the service mindset.

You want to help others. But maybe the potential of you or your organization feels held back by energy dips, brain fog, action avoidance, bouts of burnout, and spirals and spirals of self-criticism. That's the thing: we're all human beings. To overcome these obstacles, you need to learn how to bring your best self to the world. Because the world needs it.

Transformative programs for impact-addicted individuals & organizations.


10x your mindset.

Customizable coaching programs that optimize your inner state for true success, fulfillment & impact in your work. 


10x your attention.

Reclaim ownership of your human self with mindfulness training that builds real mental and emotional skills - and the methods for infusing these self-mastery tools into your culture & community.

10x your continual growth.


On-demand courses & membership programs that put game-changing tools in your pocket for when you need them.

Helping other humans =

learning how to be human.

Ever look at yourself or the people you're trying to help and wonder, "Why don't these things come with owner's manuals?" Well, what if they could? My mission is to help you write your own user's manual to being human, giving you the tools and strategies you need to handle whatever this crazy human mind can throw at you. Feel armed to thrive in the parts of your life you never felt able to handle. And then, magically, observe the difference you can make in the lives of others through the work you do.

Who Am I?

From burnt out, socially awkward and insecure service professional to industry leader to coach and teacher. Learn how I discovered the tools that 10x'd my capability, fulfillment and impact power - and how you can learn them too.

Apparently, other humans approve.


I am so grateful to have found Stefan - he is a very effective yet intuitive coach. I came to him feeling stuck in my professional life and he was able to help me tap into my deeper consciousness to uncover what was potentially holding me back. He knows to ask powerful questions that would lead me to my own answers. I always look forward to our sessions and leave with greater clarity. Highly recommended.  

Elina Lim-Sandulescu

 / Founder / Comes Naturally


A must now for any customer success or service leader! Running a high growth team that works with high-growth customers, the burnout and the exhaustion is real. Stefan provided tools burnout-management tools that integrate into the tapestry of our day, which is an absolute game changer. The practical tools and exercises like Letting Go were a definite standout. I recommend that any high-growth organization facing a fast pace, burnout, and turnover should start working with Stefan today.

Molly Bruttomesso

/ Senior Vice President, Customer Success / Wunderkind


Stefan provides us with wellness content, 1-on-1 coaching and team coaching - specializing in workplace performance, resilience, mindfulness and self-transformation. And let me just say that everything he does sets a very high bar within our organization! He seems to instinctively know what working people struggle with, the tools to overcome those limits and how to teach them so that they really get it. He has helped so many of our team and clientele improve how they think, work and impact others. He truly does embody the value and power of service. 

Julie Sharma

/ Co-Founder & COO / Wellness Coach

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