Are you ready to become your best self and bring it to the world?

Maybe you’re a service-based organization, front-line service professional, or an entrepreneur in constant pursuit of that multi-million dollar question: “How do I truly serve my customers?” The answer: by truly serving yourself.

Experience big meaning doing “little” work and little limitation doing big work. 

My goal is to help you encounter your "holy crap" moments. Those realizations about yourself that come when you start paying attention to the little interactions, thoughts and experiences that float by you throughout the day. They're easy to dismiss, but can reveal something profound about your true potential (and your habits of limiting it). Capturing "holy crap" moments is a skill that you can learn - and it will transform your work (and entire) life.

Move from service burnout to service superhero. 

If you know the power and possibility of the service dynamic, but its mental and emotional challenges keep getting in the way, then I'm here to guide you - or your team.

Stefan provides us with wellness content, 1-on-1 coaching and team coaching - specializing in workplace performance, resilience, mindfulness and self-transformation. And let me just say that everything he does sets a very high bar within our organization! He seems to instinctively know what working people struggle with, the tools to overcome those limits and how to teach them so that they really get it. He has helped so many of our team and clientele improve how they think, work and impact others. He truly does embody the value and power of service. 

Julie Sharma 

Co-Founder & COO

Wellness Coach

So I was, um, quite the mess.

After working in the service industry for years, I realized I was a classic people pleaser/hater (Huh? Both? Yep, keep reading). I needed to make people happy, but kept failing to because I couldn’t figure out how people even work.

I didn’t understand their emotions or what they really needed. I felt lost trying to communicate, connect or be of any help at all. So I ended up resenting humanity because they made me feel incompetent.

What if the person making me feel incompetent was me?

As it turns out, the only aspect of humanity I resents was myself. I tried piling up enough knowledge and expertise to compensate for my low self-worth, but still always felt insecure and at odds with my customers, employers, and coworkers.

Oops. Self-worth didn't magically appear once I accomplished a bunch of things and everyone told me I was great. I realized it needs to be learned, developed on the mental and emotional level. Once I learned the skills to manage my mind in this was, I discovered that underneath all the self-hating brain fuzz was a caring, compassionate, person that actually deeply knew how to connect with and serve others. And as my Service Mindset developed, my success and happiness transformed.

what is..


As I gained control of my messy inner world, I learned an important lesson: outer success is determined by the well-being of your mind. Here's the thing: over time, your mind develops certain habits and patterns - i.e. ways of seeing things, strategies for responding to challenges, compulsive behaviors that you regret later, etc. These tendencies get called mindset and will either support or deplete your success and happiness. So pretty important, right? The key takeaway here: a helpful mindset is not something you just hope you have. It's a skill that you develop, and learning to do this was one of the most game-changing things I ever learned.

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Mindset is everything. But not just any mindset.

Your mind can become anything - so choose right. The two most profoundly impactful mindsets for my life were: 

  1. The Service Mindset.
  2. The Abundance Mindset.

Our coaching sessions together are designed to give you the tools to build these, well, superpowers, basically. Watch them weave together as the twin dragons of success, happiness and fulfillment in your work and life. Each one reinforces and multiplies the power of the other.


Abundance Mindset

Your life is full and the work you do matters, however "big" or "small" it might look. Do you believe me? No one ever does (at first…). Experiencing this is not a matter of accomplishing more, but of shifting the beliefs that you or your life are lacking. It's about recognizing an authentic belief in yourself, without any contrived positive thinking (I've found that doesn't tend to last). Work becomes fulfilling, you always feel capable (even when you’re blowing it - seriously!) and every challenge feels like a growth opportunity. Everyone will look at you and say, "How do they handle things so well? What is it they've got?" (Answer: The Abundance Mindset)


Service Mindset

Whether service is part of your job, business, or whole life's mission, taking the awesomeness inside of you to market is truly an art. The problem is, helping others is challenging, especially when most people don't think they have the inner resources or capability to be truly helpful. I work with you to develop the many skills required to give like a pro - like compassion, communication and self-management. However, ultimately it comes down to reuniting with the very simple, natural human drive to serve. Once you do, then the joy and opportunity you provide others returns to you in multiples. 

The tools & experience I've gathered so you don't have to struggle for as long as I did.

  1. Certified coach.
  2. Certified mindfulness teacher.
  3. Trained to teach meditation* & conscious living by Vedic masters.
  4. Over 14 years working and leading in world class restaurants, bars and service-based organizations.

                         *A different teaching modality than mindfulness. Not a lot of teachers/coaches know how to help you properly develop a meditation program.

Challenges I can help you or your team overcome.

Emotional Blockage & Overwhelm

Emotions are a powerful servant, but a terrible master. They can imprison you or drive you to greatness.

Every obstacle to your success and happiness has an emotional element that can be understood and mastered. After all, handling challenges is about handling how those challenges feel. And yet no one teaches us how to do that. Well, guess what, feeling and managing your emotional experiences is a skill that you can build. And it will change your life.


How you communicate with yourself is everything. If you want to manage difficult emotions, destructive thoughts and unhelpful habits, you need to know how to be your own mentor when the going gets tough. By becoming more self-aware, understanding your emotional drivers, and having your own back, you'll be able to handle anything.

Inspiration & Purpose

Do you know why you do what you do? Do you know what lights you up? There are methods you can learn for discovering this. And once you do, your whole game transforms.

Stress & Burnout Resilience

It's not like I don't "believe" in stress management or stress reduction - you'll learn that stuff. What's truly puts you in the driver's seat of your demanding life is learning how to feel stress without needing it to go away. This will loosen stress' grip on you in ways that seem almost magical.

Mental Performance

Focus, calm, clarity, flow states. We want these things. We know we're more successful when we have them. But brain fog and other forms of mental fatigue come in and ruin the party. You and your team just need the right program that will build mental muscles, plug energy leaks, and restore your energy.

Mindfulness | AKA: 10x'ing Your Attention

Attention is precious. Where your attention goes determines the quality of your work, relationships and life as a whole. Most of the time, it gets dragged into useless things without our control. Well, what if you could take that control back and re-learn how to drive this human brain of ours? Once you learn how to put your attention on what you want, when you want it, your capability gets a multiplier effect.

Communication & Connection

Being human would be so much easier if it weren't for, like, other humans, am I right? But what if shifting how we understand and interact with them could transform our lives from the inside out?

Compassion & Empathy

I don't care who you are, you have the natural capacity to understand and serve the needs of others. And once you rediscover your compassion superpowers, you'll develop relationships that transform your work and personal life - without burning you out.*

*If you're someone that tends to give too much to others, while forgetting about themselves, then we need to talk.

Whatever Else You Need to Make An Impact, Find Fulfillment & Love Your Human Self

You're a unique human or team of humans on a very unique journey to your highest potential. Let's talk and see what you need to master all those very human challenges getting in the way of making the difference you know you're capable of.

what do those slick salesy people say? oh right...

"Let's jump on a call."

I'd love to hear what you or your team are struggling with and how I can help.

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How I can work with you.


One-off sessions.

Whenever you or your team needs to orientation, inspiration or just someone to bounce their struggles off of, we can jump into a customized on-the-fly session.


Progressive programs.

Scalable from 4-12 weeks. Goals are set and a series of live sessions build towards that. Longer programs get you more for your money and the ability to shoot for bigger results.


On-demand support.

Want to make regular coaching available to your team, as needed? I also provide specialized availability as your organization's "resident coach", remaining available in blocks of "office hours" for any eligible team member that needs support.

I am so grateful to have found Stefan - he is a very effective yet intuitive coach. I came to him feeling stuck in my professional life and he was able to help me tap into my deeper consciousness to uncover what was potentially holding me back. He knows to ask powerful questions that would lead me to my own answers. I always look forward to our sessions and leave with greater clarity. Highly recommended.  

Elina Lim-Sandulescu


Comes Naturally

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