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Are you emotionally healthy? (Even if you are, here’s how to get even MORE emotionally healthy).

A really important thing to understand about this topic is that emotional health isn’t measured by the amount of “positive emotions” you’re feeling. Actually,

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Mindset {a quick definition}: habits and patterns of the mind that predict how you deal with life – i.e. in the face of certain challenges, will you tend to give up or will you tend to persevere?  What’s powerful about thinking of things in terms of mindset is not to

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The surprising, counterintuitive mindset that ensures success. (And how to build it).

A lot of people I know in the space of coaching and wellness have a similar story: “I was doing this corporate thing and got burnt out and now I teach Yoga and holistic nutrition.” Phew! Thank god they got out, right? What would’ve happened if they stayed? My guess:

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Beat burnout by changing nothing. (Well, almost nothing).