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All success and happiness starts with how you see yourself, your work and your life. We work together to squelch any beliefs that you're lacking and not valuable to others and develop a mindset that is abundant and impactful.

Service from the inside-out.

The coaching program that makes service meaningful again.  Learn the inner game of customer service so that you can tap into the fullest power of the service opportunity. Be your customer's hero. Be your own mentor through the inevitable challenges of helping others.

Joy-optimized work.

Work can be fun. Work can be meaningful. No task needs to be dreaded or procrastinated. You just need the tools, techniques and mindsets to have a more inspired and empowered relationship to your work mission. This program involves a multi-faceted armory of coaching, strategizing, whatever tools you need to transform how you do what you do.

Real mindful human skills.

Your mindfulness training needs to fulfill a single purpose: make you better at being human. Learn how to master all the thoughts and feelings that normally hold you back. Become mentally stronger, emotionally resilient, and generally able to handle anything. 

Online programs.

Check out the Self-Made Mind Membership Community and transform how you work and live with basically every mindfulness and self-coaching tool that I know. Available to you on-demand in transformative life sessions.

A must now for any customer success or service leader! Running a high growth team that works with high-growth customers, the burnout and the exhaustion is real. Stefan provided tools burnout-management tools that integrate into the tapestry of our day, which is an absolute game changer. The practical tools and exercises like Letting Go were a definite standout. I recommend that any high-growth organization facing a fast pace, burnout, and turnover should start working with Stefan today.

Molly Bruttomesso

Senior Vice President, Customer Success


How I can work with you.


One-off sessions.

Whenever you or your team needs to orientation, inspiration or just someone to bounce their struggles off of, we can jump into a customized on-the-fly session.


Progressive programs.

Scalable from 4-12 weeks. Goals are set and a series of live sessions build towards that. Longer programs get you more for your money and the ability to shoot for bigger results.


On-demand support.

Want to make regular coaching available to your team, as needed? I also provide specialized availability as your organization's "resident coach", remaining available in blocks of "office hours" for any eligible team member that needs support.

Challenges I can help you or your team overcome.

Emotional Blockage & Overwhelm

Emotions are a powerful servant, but a terrible master. They can imprison you or drive you to greatness.

Every obstacle to your success and happiness has an emotional element that can be understood and mastered. After all, handling challenges is about handling how those challenges feel. And yet no one teaches us how to do that. Well, guess what, feeling and managing your emotional experiences is a skill that you can build. And it will change your life.


How you communicate with yourself is everything. If you want to manage difficult emotions, destructive thoughts and unhelpful habits, you need to know how to be your own mentor when the going gets tough. By becoming more self-aware, understanding your emotional drivers, and having your own back, you'll be able to handle anything.

Inspiration & Purpose

Do you know why you do what you do? Do you know what lights you up? There are methods you can learn for discovering this. And once you do, your whole game transforms.

Stress & Burnout Resilience

It's not like I don't "believe" in stress management or stress reduction - you'll learn that stuff. What's truly puts you in the driver's seat of your demanding life is learning how to feel stress without needing it to go away. This will loosen stress' grip on you in ways that seem almost magical.

Mental Performance

Focus, calm, clarity, flow states. We want these things. We know we're more successful when we have them. But brain fog and other forms of mental fatigue come in and ruin the party. You and your team just need the right program that will build mental muscles, plug energy leaks, and restore your energy.

Mindfulness | AKA: 10x'ing Your Attention

Attention is precious. Where your attention goes determines the quality of your work, relationships and life as a whole. Most of the time, it gets dragged into useless things without our control. Well, what if you could take that control back and re-learn how to drive this human brain of ours? Once you learn how to put your attention on what you want, when you want it, your capability gets a multiplier effect.

Communication & Connection

Being human would be so much easier if it weren't for, like, other humans, am I right? But what if shifting how we understand and interact with them could transform our lives from the inside out?

Compassion & Empathy

I don't care who you are, you have the natural capacity to understand and serve the needs of others. And once you rediscover your compassion superpowers, you'll develop relationships that transform your work and personal life - without burning you out.*

*If you're someone that tends to give too much to others, while forgetting about themselves, then we need to talk.

Whatever Else You Need to Make An Impact, Find Fulfillment & Love Your Human Self

You're a unique human or team of humans on a very unique journey to your highest potential. Let's talk and see what you need to master all those very human challenges getting in the way of making the difference you know you're capable of.

To learn more, give me a ring. Or send me a note.

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