Mindset {a quick definition}: habits and patterns of the mind that predict how you deal with life – i.e. in the face of certain challenges, will you tend to give up or will you tend to persevere? 

What’s powerful about thinking of things in terms of mindset is not to be able to oversimplify or predict ourselves, but to change how we show up to our lives so that we get more of the outcomes we want.

So, you’re reading this article because you want to know what tendencies are most useful to build in order to be successful (by your definition of success, that is – doesn’t need to involve money or status, just a sense that you allowed your life to be what it could/should be).

Well, what is it?

Is it a gritty mindset? 

Is it a resilient one?

How about a purposeful one?


Love that stuff, don’t leave home without it.

But I find it’s much more helpful to dig deeper than this – i.e. what actually inspires grit, resilience or purpose?

The answer: abundance. The sense that life is already full.

Right. Soooooooooooo how do you achieve more by thinking you don’t need any more? Wouldn’t that sense of fullness make you less motivated to succeed?

Will fill this article in shortly…

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