A lot of people I know in the space of coaching and wellness have a similar story: “I was doing this corporate thing and got burnt out and now I teach Yoga and holistic nutrition.”

Phew! Thank god they got out, right?

What would’ve happened if they stayed? My guess: a similar series of events as the person who replaced them when they left.

Poor person, right? Hopefully it’s just a quick stopover so they can 

You see, there’s nothing wrong with those “I got out” stories. In fact, many people I work with realized they needed to develop a corporate exit strategy in order for them to pursue the most meaningful and high-impact path in their lives. I wouldn’t be worth much as a coach if I couldn’t support and cheer on a process like that. 

I just try to remember that someone has to work these jobs after everyone leaves them to open a vineyard. Or, gulp, become a coach.

Am I a hypocrite? More on this in a bit…

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